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The history of this family-owned and operated fuel distribution business dates back to 1921. That year, the Maurtiz & Carroll families came together and started Maurtiz & Carroll Petroleum Marketing.  They were one of the original Texaco fuel distributors in Wharton County and the surrounding areas.  Texaco was actually a nickname for The Texas Company, which began in 1903. Maurtiz & Carroll supplied the fuel needs of the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and automotive industries.

 In 1983, the Couey family bought out the Carroll family's interest in the company. The sale changed the name of the company to Maurtiz & Couey. By this time, the company had expanded its fuel distribution offerings to include the Exxon, Conoco, and Phillips 66 brands and also added propane sales to its business offerings.

In 2006, Maurtiz & Couey decided to sell the retail portion of the business to the Charania family, based out of Fort Bend County, Texas. The Charania family had already been in the fuel distribution business since 1994, owning Oil Products Distribution, a company which markets and distributes in the Greater Houston area.

When the Charania family bought Mauritz & Couey’s interests the name of the company changed to Pak Petroleum Marketing. With the same philosophy as Maurtiz & Couey, Pak Petroleum Marketing provides fuel to the agricultural, commercial, and industrial industries in Wharton County and surrounding areas.

In 2011, Pak Petroleum Marketing expanded operations to include its own fleet of bobtails, tanker trucks, and above ground tanks for fuel deliveries to better serve its customers. In 2012, the main office operations moved permanently to the Bulk Plant location on Higbee St.

Today, Pak Petroleum Marketing employs staff from the local area with several staff having over 20 years of service with both Maurtiz & Couey and Pak Petroleum Marketing. 

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